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How to run an assay

running an assay
Procedures, techniques & resources for a successful Assay
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This learning center is designed to introduce you to the Seahorse XF assay workflow, with a focus on procedures and techniques to ensure optimal XF assay performance and results. As you read through each section, the procedures refer to using the Agilent Seahorse XF Cell Energy Phenotype Test Real Time ATP Rate Assay to perform initial cell characterization. The techniques described apply to all Seahorse XF Assays, such as seeding adherent cells, loading injection ports, etc. Only the required consumables will vary according to your XF Analyzer model and XF Assay Kit. Select your XF Analyzer using the drop-down menu, then click a section below to display the relevant content for that step of the XF assay workflow.

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+ Gather Assay Materials

+ Prepare for Your XF Assay

+ Set up your XF Assay

+ Run your XF Assay

+ Analyze XF Assay Results

+ Beyond the Basics

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