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Kakao Channel




  • 安捷伦视界:Keeps you informed about industry trends, market intelligence and hot topics in China.
  • 安捷伦售后服务:Offers knowledge sharing on instrument maintenance, troubleshooting tips
  • 安捷伦科技中国:Shares Agilent news, culture, careers, and community relationships.
  • 安捷伦大讲堂:Offers latest information about Agilent’s training and operation skills of instruments
  • 安捷伦细胞分析:Provides insights and solutions on cell analysis
  • 安捷伦诊断与基因组学:Provides technique and solutions for life science industry.

WeChat Mini Program:

  • 安捷伦售后服务小程序:Offers online post-sale service and real-time consultant in China
  • 安捷伦微学堂小程序:Offers Agilent’s training information and real-time consultant in China