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Challenged by complex separations?

Speed up analysis and increase peak capacity with Agilent InfinityLab 2D-LC Solutions.

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Spend Time on What Matters

New intelligent GC systems are not just smart, they’re insightful.

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Host cell protein impurities. Be Agilent sure

Count on Agilent Innovations to streamline your workflow and enable accurate, reproducible results.

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Discovering what lies behind opaque barriers

Raman spectroscopy products for chemical identification, pharma quality control, and airport security

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Optimized lab management

Streamline your lab workflow with SLIMS to keep pace with industry demand.

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Enabling personalized medicine

Amplify multiple genomics target in a single PCR experiment with amplicon target amplification.

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Now Part of Agilent

ACEA Biosciences

Pioneer of high-performance cell analysis platforms for life science research.

ProZyme, Inc.

Developer of glycan analysis reagents, kits and standards

ULTRA Scientific

Leading provider of chemical standards and certified reference materials

Advanced Analytical (AATI)

Developer of parallel CE solutions for enhanced nucleic acid sensitivity and resolution


Developer of simplified and integrated LIMS and ELN laboratory software solutions.

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