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Agilent Offers a Complete Glycan Analysis Workflow Solution

Find ProZyme glycan sample prep, enzymes, standards, and analytical proteins.

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Improve Your Pharmaceutical Impurities Analysis

Find ways to streamline your analysis and facilitate compliance.

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Award-winning Agilent 8700 LDIR Chemical Imaging System

Analyze more samples in greater detail—and in less time.

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Make the Switch to Synthetic Supported Liquid Extraction

New Chem Elut S SLE delivers reproducible results with a walk-away workflow.

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Buy Online and Save 10% on All Analytical Supplies

For a limited time, shop at our online store and save 10% using promo code 1295

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Introducing the NEW Agilent 990 Micro GC System

Smart Micro GC systems deliver fast and accurate on-site gas analysis.

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Now Part of Agilent

BioTek Instruments

A global leader developing and building innovative life science instrumentation

ACEA Biosciences

Pioneer of high-performance cell analysis platforms for life science research.

ProZyme, Inc.

Now Agilent covers the complete glycan analysis workflow.

ULTRA Scientific

Now Agilent’s complete portfolio of chemical standards and certified reference materials


Developer of simplified and integrated LIMS and ELN laboratory software solutions.

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