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A microplate for any workflow

Agilent microplate technology increases the efficiency of parallel processing of large numbers of biological and chemical samples and reactions. Agilent has more than 35 years of experience providing quality microplate solutions to pharmaceutical, biotechnical, agricultural, toxicological, forensics, government, industrial, and academic institutions. The standard product portfolio includes extensive options for filtration, reagent reservoirs, sample storage, collection, and assay/reaction microplates. These microplates are specifically developed for high-throughput applications with the use of automated workstations but are easily addressed with manual pipetting equipment. They are ideal for purification, sample preparation, bioassays, and/or compound storage, and many other applications. In addition, our custom design and manufacturing capabilities deliver unique products to OEM, assay kit, and instrument manufacturers.

Standard & Custom Microplates

Standard and Custom Geometry Microplates