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Seahorse XF Media, Supplements & Calibrant

Seahorse XF Media, Supplements & Calibrant

Agilent Seahorse XF assay media are formulated based on common culture media DMEM or RPMI, and are optimized for use in XF assays. Unlike typical cell growth or culture media, XF assay media are free of bicarbonate, low in buffer capacity, and contain low or no phenol red, which is important for achieving robust results. In addition, Seahorse XF media do not contain typical supplements such as glucose, glutamine, and pyruvate, allowing users to customize the media to the assay conditions of interest. Please read the Agilent Media Selection Guide to learn about media compatibility with Agilent Seahorse XF assays and how to prepare assay media properly.

Agilent Seahorse XF calibrant is used for hydrating and calibrating any XF cartridges and is included with a FluxPak.

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