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Automated Microplate Imagers, Readers, and Liquid Handlers Deliver Productivity

Agilent BioTek instrumentation is engineered to facilitate your workflows, increase your laboratory efficiency, and to enable a broad range of life science applications. Your science will benefit from the ease of use, powerful data and image capture and processing, and all the steps between with our range of automated imagers, multimode readers, washers, dispensers and automation platforms. Modularity and upgradability are the hallmarks of accessibility to improved workflows for laboratories and applications of all types, and Agilent BioTek microplate instrumentation provides remarkable configurability and quality to suit your budget and applications now and well into the future.

Microplate Imagers

Automated Microscopes and Imaging Multimode Readers Enable Augmented Microscopy

Automated Microscopes
Imaging Multimode Readers

Microplate Readers

Microplate Readers Deliver Versatility, Performance, and Economy

Multimode Microplate Readers
Absorbance Microplate Readers
Multiplate Absorbance Reader

Automated Liquid Dispensing & Handling

Automated Liquid Dispensing & Handling Ensures Accuracy for Walk Away Operation

Automated Microplate Washers & Dispensers

Microplate Instrumentation Control & Analysis Software

Microplate Instrument Control and Analysis Software for Efficient Operation

Imager, Reader Control & Analysis Software
Microplate Automation & Liquid Handling Software

Microplate Automation

Microplate Automation Delivers Laboratory Efficiency and Productivity

Microplate Handlers & Incubators

Microplate Instrumentation Supplies & Accessories

Microplate Instrument Supplies Expand Functionality and Applications Reach

Imager & Reader Peripherals
Washer, Dispenser Peripherals & Supplies
Imager & Reader Supplies
Microplates & Labware
QC Reagents & Test Plates