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Seahorse XF ATP

ATP Agilent
The ATP rate measure you've been looking for
Measuring your cells' total ATP level provides you with a piece of the story. However, without a view on the rate of production or pathway contribution, you may be missing important insight into cell proliferation, differentiation, activation and death.
The Agilent Seahorse XF Real-Time ATP rate assay allows you to measure what matters. Now you can measure the rate of ATP production from the two key energy pathways (glycolysis and mitochondrial respiration) simultaneously in live cells using label-free technology. Unlike traditional end-point total ATP assays, this real-time, dual-pathway kinetic quantification delivers a dynamic picture of cellular bioenergetics with pathway contribution indicators, delivering earlier and deeper insights over other cell analysis techniques.
Quantify ATP production rate from both glycolytic and mitochondrial pathways.
ATP Agilent figure 2
Monitor kinetic responses in ATP production rate from drug or compound dosing.
ATP Agilent figure 3
Key outputs of Agilent Seahorse XF Real-Time ATP rate assays. A: Illustrates quantitative metabolic shift from mitochondrial respiration to glycolysis, resulting in different phenotypes under different conditions. B: Shows the changes of mitoATP production rates and glycoATP production rates over a time course in one cell population. Check out the White Paper to learn how these measurements are obtained.
Uncover the benefits you can now introduce to your research
  • Easy-to-run assay on Agilent Seahorse Analyzers, models XFe96, XF96, XFe24, and XFp
  • Integrated data processing tools for post assay analysis
  • Optimized single-use format for a simplified workflow and reduced assay complexity
Learn more about the assay kits and your purchasing options
XF ATP Rate Assay Kit
XF ATP Rate Assay Kit
Seahorse XF Real-Time ATP rate assay kit for the Agilent XFe24 and XFe96 Analyzers.
XFp ATP Rate Assay Kit
XFp ATP Rate Assay Kit
Seahorse XFp Real-Time ATP rate assay kit for the Agilent XFp Analyzer.
Explore the potential in different research areas
Energy metabolism in immune cells has become the focus of intense investigation in recent years, revealing tight connection between metabolic pathways and immune responses. Agilent Seahorse XF Technology enables researchers to understand the role of energy metabolism in immune response and modulation in real-time.
Discover how the Seahorse XF Real-Time ATP rate assay can be used to study immune cell modulation and lineage commitment.
Altered cellular metabolism is a hallmark of cancer and has been a key driver in cancer research for many year. Agilent Seahorse XF Technology measures changes in both glycolytic and mitochondrial activity in real time, enabling researchers to understand how and why metabolic reprogramming occurs in cancer cells.
Discover how the Seahorse XF Real-Time ATP rate assay can be used to profile metabolic phenotype for cancer cells and link cancer behavior to energy metabolism.
The next generation of immune cell therapies require a new generation of analysis tools.
A safe, potent, and persistent immune cell product depends on developers mustering the full repertoire of immune cell function; activation, proliferation, cell fate, cytotoxic killing, immunomodulation, and memory. All of which must be accomplished in the ever-changing, suppressive, and toxic tumor microenvironment.
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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.