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Extensive range of classic and next generation Mutagenesis and Cloning products

Agilent’s Mutagenesis and Cloning portfolio includes the fastest and latest generation kits, competent cells, vectors, and enzymes to help forward your research for any downstream applications.

Our kits speed up the protocol for performing site-directed or random mutagenesis, with high efficiency and 100% accuracy and reliability. Our extensive cloning vectors include the latest in next-generation cloning, and are designed to simplify commonly used or difficult cloning and sequencing procedures, with high speed, reliability and precision. Our broad line of competent cells includes innovative strains for every cloning strategy.

Cloning Vectors & Kits

Cloning Vectors and Kits from specialty to the latest in next generation cloning.

Cloning Vector Kits
Custom Vector Kits
Helper Phages
Packaging & Excision Kits

Competent Cells & Competent Cell Supplies

Competent, electrocompetent and chemically competent cells for any application

Competent Cell Supplies
Competent Cells for Difficult Cloning
Competent Cells for Mutagenesis
Competent Cells for Routine Cloning

Enzymes, Inhibitors & Kits

Enzymes, inhibitors and kits for your applications

Markers & Restriction Enzymes
Modifying Enzymes

Mutagenesis Kits

Fast and efficient mutagenesis kits for any application

Random Mutagenesis Kits
Site-Directed Mutagenesis Kits