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Flow Cytometry for Research

Flow cytometry is a powerful technique used to quantitively measure individual cells and other particles in suspension, at the rate of thousands of cells per second. Most commonly used in the context of Immunology, we have also started to see the adaption of flow cytometry for environmental studies, extracellular vesicle analysis, and the ability to use upwards of 30+ different parameters for more comprehensive analysis. Agilent flow cytometers offer excellent capabilities, high quality data, and an easy to use platform to save researchers time when acquiring and analyzing data.

Flow Cytometers

Flow cytometers to advance your research and increase your productivity

Flow Cytometer Systems
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Flow Cytometry Automation
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Flow Cytometry Software

NovoExpress software simplifies flow cytometry workflow and analysis

Reagents For Flow Cytometry

Reagents for flow cytometry

Single Color Antibodies
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