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Agilent ULTRA Analytical Standards and Certified Reference Materials for your applications and workflows

Agilent, now with former Ultra Scientific, offers a comprehensive portfolio of analytical standards, spectroscopy standards, reference materials, and certified reference materials for environmental, food safety, elemental analysis, instrument calibration, tuning mixes, and more.

Reference materials and certified reference materials are substances that are tested to be homogenous and have fixed values of its concentrations. These chromatography standards are a critical component of your application workflow, which encompasses sample prep, instruments, columns, supplies, and services. The success of your analysis depends upon the quality of your reference material. All Agilent standard reference materials have been manufactured to the highest quality in an ISO 9001, ISO 17025 and 17034 accredited facilities to ensure the accuracy of your analyses.

If you need a custom reference material, partner with us to design and develop a custom standard to your specifications.

Didn’t find the standard you need? Our lab is prepared to produce what you need.

Analytical Reference Materials & Standards

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