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Lab Software for Today’s Analyst

Agilent’s laboratory informatics systems offer the control that businesses demand, as well as the flexibility and technical functionality that cutting-edge labs require. Our lab software portfolio features a range of high quality solutions to ensure your laboratory can make the most of every analytical system. We offer workstations, electronic laboratory software, chromatography data systems and other specialized lab software packages.

OpenLab Software Suite

Transform Analytical Data into Meaningful Results with OpenLab Software

Chromatography Data Systems
Data Management
Lab Workflow Management

MassHunter Suite

MassHunter Software for Advanced MS Applications

MassHunter Productivity Apps
MassHunter for Life Science Research
MassHunter for Pharma
MassHunter for Forensic Toxicology
MassHunter for Food and Agriculture
MassHunter for Environmental

Atomic Spectroscopy Data Systems

Comprehensive Software Solutions for Atomic Spectroscopy

Automation Solutions

Software for laboratory automation integration

Alissa Clinical Informatics Platform

Unlock the Full Potential of Molecular Diagnostics on a Single Platform

Dissolution Systems

Dissolution Software for Enhanced Data Management

GPC/SEC Data Systems

GPC/SEC Data Systems for Enhanced Control and Performance

Molecular Spectroscopy Data Systems

Comprehensive Software Solutions for Molecular Spectroscopy

IR Software
UV-Vis & UV-Vis-NIR Software