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Chromatography Data Systems

Analytical Software Suite

OpenLab Software delivers scientific, operational, and economic value

Agilent’s OpenLab Software portfolio is an integrated suite of products that includes sample management, data acquisition, data analysis, data management, lab workflow management. These products easily integrate to work together to cover the analytical workflow from the moment the analytical request is generated until the data are archived. OpenLab software improves lab throughput and the quality of your results and will be an integral part of your data integrity strategy.

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OpenLab CDS version 2.6 helps unleash your most productive team yet

Check out what’s new in the latest version of OpenLab CDS. From integration optimization tools to supporting cloud deployments, we've made it even easier to get stuff done.

Featured Training & Events

Laboratory Informatics User Group eSeminar Series

Laboratory Informatics User Group eSeminar Series

OpenLab CDS Webinar Series

Free webinars offering high level training of the latest OpenLAB CDS platform OpenLAB CDS 2.x provides the most complete instrument control of Agilent LC, GC, CE, CE/MS, and LC/MS instruments systems you have now, with limited instrument control of other vendors’ systems.

Data Integrity Webinars & Podcasts

Series of webinars to help your lab prepare for regulatory examination. Stay informed about the latest FDA and global enforcement trends and learn the strategies you can use to stay compliant.

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