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Remote access laboratory solutions - OpenLab Software

Working from home with OpenLab Software
Seriously, it’s time to make working
remotely work

Change is coming to every lab process as working from home becomes the default. The era of isolated, disconnected workstations is ending. The new question for lab managers is how to make remote work simple, safe, and efficient.

Agilent is making it easy to explore and implement secure solutions for working from home. This is the time to evaluate our networking and virtualization offerings. By migrating to a networked, cloud-based solution you can centralize data storage and enable your lab employees to:

  • Run any instrument in any lab
  • Process any data from any instrument
  • Review/approve any result from any instrument
Learn how OpenLab supports working anywhere

All these tasks can be done securely from home, using a wide range of authorized devices. In short, you can make remote working work better, safer, and smarter—on your terms.

Advantages of remote laboratories

A remote laboratory offers the following benefits to all key personnel in the lab:

  • Convenience: Manage all instruments from a single location
  • Collaboration: Centralize data and methods
  • Accessibility: Access reports and other information from most web browsers
  • Reliability: Perform remote backup and restore
  • Cost Savings: Reduce cost for IT infrastructure
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Contact us to discuss your specific requirements, concerns, and goals. We’ll make it simple to make working-from-home work for your lab.