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Remote working that just works

The ability to work from anywhere is not only an expectation, it is the new reality for many businesses. The new question for lab managers is how to make remote work simpler, safer, and more productive. By adopting a networked, cloud-enabled solution you can centralize data storage and enable your lab employees to:

Run any instrument
in any lab

Process any data
from any instrument

Review/approve any result from any instrument

All these tasks can be done securely from anywhere, using any device on the network.

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Make remote work more effective—on your terms

Agilent is making it easy to explore and implement secure solutions for working from home. This is the time to evaluate our offerings and find a solution that is right for you.


Deploy and maintain virtualized software to free up bench space and reduce IT expenses.

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Monitor and control all key elements centrally and ensure secure system backups.

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Leverage cloud technology to scale quickly, save storage cost and space, and consolidate resources.

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Cloud advantages for lab informatics

A remote laboratory offers the following benefits to all key personnel in the lab:

  • Convenience: Manage all instruments from a single location

  • Collaboration: Centralize data and methods

  • Accessibility: Access reports and other information from most web browsers

  • Reliability: Perform remote backup and restore

  • Cost Savings: Reduce cost for IT infrastructure

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