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Mass Spectrometry Software

MassHunter Software for Advanced Mass Spectrometry Applications

The MassHunter software suite supports efficient data acquisition, qualitative data analysis, mass spectral library management, quantitative data analysis, easy access, and reporting for Agilent GC/MS and LC/MS systems.

Data acquisition software for GC/MS and LC/MS allows straightforward setup and operation of the entire system, while powerful data analysis software and application-specific software tools streamline the analysis workflow for any sample task. Powerful library management software with extensive curated libraries and databases for Q-TOF instruments facilitates unknowns identification. Finally, simplified software interfaces for mass spectrometry provide access to the power of mass spectrometry to anyone.

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Agilent Announces New Oligonucleotide Analysis Software for Biopharma Research

Agilent MassHunter BioConfirm 12.0 software introduces enhancements to existing capabilities for protein analysis and adds support for ligonucleotide analysis. The addition of oligonucleotide support significantly extends the capabilities of MassHunter BioConfirm, adding critical functionality for assessing oligonucleotide purity and sequence confirmation – important analytical steps in the use of oligonucleotides for biotherapeutics and vaccine research and development.

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