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The cloud is now a practical option for all computing workloads in the laboratory—from sample management to complex analytics to secure data storage. But how can you adopt the cloud model without disrupting current processes?

Our comprehensive support of OpenLab CDS, OpenLab ECM XT, and SLIMS on the leading cloud providers (Amazon Web Services/Microsoft Azure) ensures your lab can maximize the benefits of the cloud model with minimal cost, complexity, and risk.

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Cloud advantages for lab informatics

  • Bringing agility to lab IT processes
    From maintenance to archiving data, cloud services can allow your team to stay nimble and utilize the latest and greatest tools available.

  • Optimizing costs
    The cloud enables you to shift informatics resources from capital expenditures to operational expenditures, bringing predictability and control to the day-to-day costs of running your lab.

  • Accessibility
    Give your team more mobility and facilitate working remotely.

Cloud basics

How does storing data in the cloud impact data security?

Utilizing the cloud for data storage requires the development of a “shared responsibility” security model with your cloud service provider. In this type of security model, the protection of laboratory data and respective applications is still the responsibility of the lab’s IT and not the service provider. This means that your existing data security approach can be leveraged rather than completely discarded.

The “shared responsibility” model does enable labs to take advantage of new/innovative cloud services to solve security challenges. Many advanced data integrity and data loss prevention technologies have proven highly effective at thwarting advanced attacks that traditional security technologies do not detect.

Will data backup be more difficult or expensive in the cloud model?

Data migration and back-up do not necessarily have to add cost and complexity to lab informatics workloads. For example, administrators can back up data in the cloud through instant snapshots that take seconds rather than hours, allowing data to be backed up more often. In addition, proper tracking and monitoring of cloud service use can help address the concern about “surprise fees” or unexpectedly large invoices from service providers. This helps keep the total cost of cloud adoption within expectations.

To learn more about cloud computing, visit National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Deploying OpenLab CDS in the cloud

Labs can now leverage cloud technology when deploying OpenLab CDS to accelerate or scale adding capacity. We have supported deployments of OpenLab CDS and ECM XT on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

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Example of OpenLab CDS Client/Server deployed in a cloud environment.

Benefits in the lab

For Lab Managers

  • Optimize spend – Moving your CDS systems from CapEx to OpEx provides financial stability for your lab.

  • Scale quickly – You can add storage and other resources without extended approvals and delivery times.

  • Unlock your data – A cloud-based CDS brings flexibility and cost-efficiency to data storage and access.

For IT

  • Consolidate resources – Cloud-deployed OpenLab CDS enables you to consolidate key resources and unburden IT staff, improving efficiency while cutting costs.

  • Increase uptime – Cloud providers offer standardized ways to handle system availability, business continuity, and disaster recovery of your applications/infrastructure.

  • Offload maintenance – You can automate patching and updates to your computing resources and databases.

  • Enhance security – Utilize cloud services/protocols to monitor network traffic and encrypt data transfers.

For Lab Staff

  • Increase productivity and job satisfaction – The cloud provides faster, easier, more mobile access to data and tools, so staff can get more done in less time with minimal hassle.

  • Automate core process – The cloud can help you simplify and accelerate processes through automation. For example, teams can move data painlessly wherever it makes most sense, on demand, and data volumes can be managed through a simple Web portal.

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Additional cloud offerings

Not ready for an OpenLab CDS cloud deployment? We’ve got solutions for securely storing your data in the cloud and managing your samples, experiments, and results. Learn more about our other cloud offerings.

Cloud storage

OpenLab cloud storage solutions are the perfect starting point on your road to cloud adoption. We’ve got flexible, scalable cloud-based data storage options for labs of all sizes.

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Lab workflow management

SLIMS combines the best of a LIMS with the best of an ELN, and can be either hosted by Agilent or used with your favorite cloud service provider.

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