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The latest release of OpenLab CDS, version 2.8, introduces enhancements that help optimize workflows across energy, chemical, and pharmaceutical labs. This includes new calibration features to save time and reduce errors, enhanced technical controls for data integrity, and improved precision in peak integration.

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To learn more about the key features unique to energy and chemical labs, visit the OpenLab CDS for Energy and Chemicals page.

Enhanced calibration and quantification

Increase simplicity and precision while cutting cost and complexity.

Consolidate callibration data icon

Consolidate calibration data from multiple mixtures

Save time with the copy and paste feature for calibration information between methods. This enables you to run <n> calibration methods—one for each mixture—then centralize them into a single production method. It also facilitates transferring calibration information of stable and costly calibrations between methods such as flame ionization detector (FID) response factors.

Accelerate calibration calculations icon

Accelerate calibration calculations

You can now set compound multiplier and dilution factors for calibration samples in both the sequence and injection list, eliminating the need for tools such as Microsoft Excel or calculators.

Data integrity enhancements

Strengthen data integrity by refining processes and leveraging advanced technologies to maintain data accuracy and reliability.

E-signature workflow icon

Fine tune your eSignature workflow

Authorship control enables lab managers to easily customize who can sign documents at different stages of the eSignature workflow, maintaining adherence to laboratory standard operating procedures.

Align standards icon

Align with the latest pharmacopeia standards

New system suitability updates ensure you are meeting standards outlined in the EP, JP, and USP <621> 2022. This includes the flexibility to select the appropriate n value for signal-to-noise calculations. Additionally, a new formula is available to calculate Resolution. The updated resolution and efficiency values can be conveniently displayed in results tables and reports for easy reference and comparison.

Support for biopharma workflows

Get the most out of your Agilent LC/MSD when analyzing large molecules such as synthetic oligonucleotides and peptides.

Automate molecular weight confirmation icon

Automate molecular weight confirmation

The MS Spectral Deconvolution feature in OpenLab CDS streamlines molecular weight confirmation by processing data automatically. Intuitive processing method parameters are easy to learn and optimize for novice and expert analytical chemists.

Learn more about MS Spectral Deconvolution for OpenLab CDS

Support for biopharma icon

Achieve robust and reproducible peak integration

New peak skimming and baseline capabilities in the Integration Optimizer save time and effectively auto-integrate overlapping peaks, streamlining workflows for robust and reproducible results. This includes Gaussian skimming of shoulders, peak cluster events, and the Advanced+ baseline, addressing challenges with separations commonly found in large molecules such as monoclonal antibodies (mAbs).

Comprehensive migration from legacy systems

Ensure continuity and preserve valuable information when switching to OpenLab CDS.

Import data and results from OpenLab ChemStation or OpenLab EZChrom

Comprehensive migration illustration 1

You can now directly import the following legacy data from OpenLab ChemStation:

  • Manual integrations
  • Initial version
Comprehensive migration illustration 2

An updated migration tool is available for importing the following legacy data from OpenLab EZChrom:

  • Manual integrations
  • Manual integration fixes
  • Initial version
Comprehensive migration illustration 3

The lab can now easily view original results from the legacy OpenLab CDS systems.

Learn more about making the switch to OpenLab CDS

Better reliability and resiliency

Enjoy a seamless experience with server changes or disruptions in a client/server configuration when utilizing OpenLab Server or ECM XT as a backend.

Boost performance image

Boost performance while ensuring uninterrupted operation

To better serve large laboratories, several enhancements to improve performance, scalability, and reliability have been implemented. These include the removal of single points of failure to minimize disruptions, and acceleration of functions such as activity log searches.

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Did you know?

Whether you're new to OpenLab CDS or an experienced user, you may not be familiar with all the features the software has to offer. Here are some OpenLab CDS tips and tricks all users should know.

Method approvals icon

Method approvals

Did you know that you can control access to the methods that your lab uses? Use the method status to ensure that only approved methods can be used to acquire and process data. With three distinct states, you can control which methods can be used within the lab.

Learn more

Copy/paste icon


Did you know you can leverage data from spreadsheets to efficiently create or update sequences in OpenLab CDS? Simply use the "Copy from" or "Insert from Clipboard" feature. This is just one example of using the copy/paste functionality in OpenLab CDS.

Drag-and-Drop icon

Drag and drop

Did you know you can transform your basic sample lists into submission-ready sequences? From the sequence tab, simply drag and drop your sample list information file into the sequence window to create a sequence.

Learn more

Custom layout icon

Create a custom layout

Did you know you can customize your workspace to suit your needs? Simply select a predefined layout, modify as appropriate, and your layout will be automatically saved. Or, create a new layout to expand your options.

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Explore OpenLab CDS version history

For a full list of new and enhanced features, see the version history highlights below. Or, for more detailed information on the last four releases, see OpenLab CDS version 2.8 release notes.

Version 2.8 highlights – 2024
  • Enhanced Calibration and Quantification
  • Data Integrity Enhancements
  • Support for Biopharma Workflows
  • Comprehensive Migration from Legacy Systems
  • Better Performance and Resiliency
Version 2.7 highlights – 2022
  • Calibration curve improvements
  • Integration optimizer enhancements
  • Centralized unattended printing
  • Cloud-based help & learning
Version 2.6 highlights – 2021
  • Integration Optimizer
  • Improvements in Mass Detection Analysis
  • Dual Simultaneous Injection improvements
  • Cloud deployments for data storage and administrative components
Version 2.5 highlights – 2020
  • Fractionation for Support (sample to fraction workflows without mass spec triggers)
  • Method Approval and Obsolescence States
  • Single Sign-On

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