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From new peak optimization tools to supported cloud deployments, OpenLab CDS version 2.6 helps your team work smarter not harder.

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The newest release of OpenLab CDS has new and enhanced functionality to help drive efficiencies in your workflows. Upgrade now to start taking advantage of these time-saving tools, because even the most productive teams could use a little help.

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Use the best integration parameters every time for every one of your analyses

The Integration Optimizer guides you to the best settings for your analysis and enables easy deployment of these settings to the lab to operationalize faster more consistent results.


  • Software provides assisted optimization with representative data so that less experienced analysts can do it right and expert analysts can do it fast.
  • Analyst can then save and deploy the optimized integration settings, so everyone uses the same optimized settings for their analysis.
  • Ensure the best possible results in 3 easy steps.

Quickly assess results and draw conclusions with sample purity at-a-glance

Mass Spectrometry improvements including updates to the Sample Purity Results table provide all the information needed to customize the view of your results and evaluate your results quickly.

Additional Mass Spectrometry improvements include:

  • Threshold, maximum abundance, and Copy/Export enhancements in spectrum window
  • MS Spectral Smoothing for profile mode
  • NIST 2020
  • Additional SIM Data Functionality
  • Copy and paste Sample Purity table to Microsoft Excel™ or other applications.

Discover OpenLab CDS Mass Spectrometry capabilities

Dual simultaneous injections with no compromises in data processing or time to set up runs

Improvements to Dual Simultaneous Injection workflow for gas chromatography including the ability to:

  • Save individual sample results sets or separate front and back results sets
  • Filter front or back samples separately in the acquisition method to enable separate editing including fill down and other table functions.

Align with corporate IT strategies and ensure remote access with cloud deployments

Labs can now leverage cloud technology when deploying OpenLab CDS Client/Server for exceptional business continuity, better access and more flexible budgeting options. Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure deployments of OpenLab CDS with ECM XT are supported.


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Explore OpenLab CDS version history

Didn't see the features you are interested in? See the version history highlights below. Or for more detailed information on the last 4 releases, see OpenLab CDS release notes.

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