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Improve your lab operations with OpenLab Software

Transform Your Lab Routine - Accelerate turnaround times without compromising on work quality

All too often, turnaround times and work quality are seen in terms of trade-offs—increasing one diminishes the other. However, choosing the right laboratory software can transform them into complementary capabilities. Whether your needs are simple or complex, OpenLab Software can raise productivity and improve work quality simultaneously.

Agilent OpenLab
Transformational software for today’s analytical workflow

OpenLab CDS together with the OpenLab Software Suite provides the full range of advanced capabilities you need to dramatically improve turnaround times and work quality in each phase of the analytical workflow.

On time and error-free sample submission

As your lab analyzes ever-larger numbers of samples, you need easier ways to submit your samples. Sample Scheduler for OpenLab is an easy-to-use application that simplifies and speeds sample submission. Optionally, integrate with your LIMS to automate common error-prone and time-consuming mistakes. For advanced sample submission and laboratory execution management consider SLIMS instead of traditional LIMS offerings.

Accelerate turnaround times

Improve work quality

  • Reduce errors by reducing the number of manual steps necessary to submit samples using
    Sample Scheduler for OpenLab (with or without LIMS integration).
  • Ensure quality results by creating easy to follow lab execution instructions with SLIMS.
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Effective onboarding for lasting success

Research shows that most software users only take advantage of 60% of the software’s capabilities. After onboarding, ensure that your team understands all the tools.

Make remote working
a success

Whether working from home or back at the office, our virtualization & networking solutions make it easy to stay productive while maintaining social distancing.

Achieve everyday
data integrity

Learn how you can use OpenLab software to ensure work quality, manage records effectively, enhance data security, be audit-ready, stay current with regulations, and validate your systems.

See what customers are saying about OpenLab CDS

91% of users agreed with the following statement: "OpenLab CDS makes sure our experiments are done right, on time, and every time."

71% of surveyed users find OpenLab CDS improves their productivity by reducing operation and data processing errors.

"OpenLab CDS provided many benefits to our workflow, including our laboratory operations, our IT support group and ultimately assisted us in delivering Next Gen Data Agility."

—Technical Decision Maker, Global 500
   Beverage Company

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