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Efficient LC Solutions for any Application and Budget

Agilent InfinityLab solutions for high- and ultrahigh-performance liquid chromatography include instruments, columns, and supplies to help your lab achieve highest operational efficiency. From routine analysis to cutting-edge research, the InfinityLab LC Series offers the broadest portfolio of HPLC and UHPLC solutions for any application and budget. Learn more about InfinityLab.

InfinityLab Analytical LC Solutions

Industry-Leading InfinityLab Analytical LC Solutions

1220 Infinity II LC Systems | 1260 Infinity II LC Systems | 1290 Infinity II LC Systems

InfinityLab LC Workflow Solutions

Complete Workflow Solutions for Maximum Efficiency

InfinityLab 2D-LC Solutions | InfinityLab Bio-inert LC Solutions | InfinityLab Impurity Analysis Solutions | InfinityLab High-Throughput LC & LC/MS Solutions | InfinityLab LC Method Transfer Solutions | InfinityLab LC Method Development Solutions | InfinityLab Online SPE Solutions | InfinityLab SFC Solutions | InfinityLab Amino Acid LC Solutions | InfinityLab GPC/SEC Solutions | InfinityLab Multi-Method LC Solutions | Low-flow LC Systems

InfinityLab LC Purification Solutions

Isolate and purify your samples with maximum efficiency

InfinityLab Analytical-Scale LC Purification Solutions | InfinityLab Preparative-Scale LC Purification Solutions

InfinityLab LC Series Modules

Configure your own LC based on your requirements

LC Pumps & Vacuum Degassers | LC Injection Systems | LC Fraction Collectors | LC Thermostatted Column Compartments | LC Detectors | LC Valves | LC Support Modules

LC & CE Instrument Control

Dedicated Hardware and Software for LC and CE Instrument Control

Chromatography / Mass Spec Data Systems & Related Software | LC & CE Instrument Drivers | LC Handheld Control | Lab Maintenance Software

LC Columns

LC Columns Deliver Results for Complex Analytical Challenges

Small Molecule Separations | Biomolecule Separations | Kits | Column Hardware

LC Supplies

Achieve Optimal Performance and Efficiency using Agilent LC Supplies

Capillaries and Fittings | Maintenance Kits and Tools | InfinityLab Flex Bench Family | Valves | Solvent and In-Line Filters | Pumps | Autosamplers | Syringes | Lamps and Detectors | Thermostatted Column Compartment | Bio-inert Supplies (UHPLC) | Fraction Collectors | LC/MS Supplies | Standards | Chip LC