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Be Agilent Sure of your biologic's critical quality attributes.

The importance of understanding the attributes of a biologic drug, and the processes used to create it, cannot be underestimated.  Agilent AdvanceBio LC columns are designed and produced to provide results you can be sure of when analyzing highly complex biotherapeutic molecules and monitoring their purity, potency, and other critical quality attributes.

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N-Glycan Analysis: Better Together

Push your Glycoprotein analysis to new levels of performance.

Glycan Standard Structures

Glycan Standards Structures Technical Flyer

Agilent Biocolumns - Critical Quality Attributes - Application Compendium

Critical Quality Attributes application compendium

Agilent-NIST mAb Application Compendium

Agilent-NIST mAb application compendium

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