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Sample Containment for Chromatography

HPLC Supplies & Consumables

Achieve Optimal Performance Using Agilent HPLC Supplies & HPLC Consumables

Agilent offers a comprehensive portfolio of HPLC supplies and HPLC consumables. These include essential instrument parts such as detector lamps, capillaries, and valve rotor seals, as well as generic supplies such as solvents, finger-tight fittings, inline filters, safety caps, and well plates.

Agilent liquid chromatography (LC) supplies work seamlessly with Agilent LC instruments to deliver the highest performance. The usage tracking ability of our smart consumables can add confidence to your day-to-day analysis. Our innovative InfinityLab products such as Quick Change inline filters, Quick Connect and Quick Turn fittings, HPLC solvents, and Stay Safe caps enhance usability, operational efficiency, and lab safety.