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Academic Data Analysis Software Program

Academic Data Analysis Software Program

Agilent supports teachers and students alike by providing free access to multiple copies of instrument data analysis software for educational purposes. Allowing the installation of software on multiple computers, enables students to process real-world results offline or in a classroom setting, providing more of a hands-on experience when instrument time is limited.

Special offers

Academic personnel purchasing instrument software are eligible to receive free multiple copies of data analysis licenses for educational purpose.

Eligible software products:

  • For chromatography systems
    • OpenLab CDS Workstation
    • OpenLab CDS Chemstation Edition
  • For LC, GC, and ICP-MS systems
    • MassHunter Workstation
    • MassHunter PCDL
  • For ICP-OES, MP-AES, Cary60/100/300/4000/5000/6000i/7000 UMS/8454 UVVIS/Eclipse/630 FTIR
    • SpectrAA
    • ICP Expert 7
    • MP Expert
    • UV-Visible ChemStation
    • Cary Win FLR
    • MircoLab

Refer to the following promotions:

  • For OpenLab: 1237 & 1246
  • For MassHunter: 1247
  • For spectroscopy: 1245

Software product information

Online software training

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ICP Expert software

This technical overview describes the key features of the ICP Expert software for ICP-OES instruments.

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Molecular spectroscopy webinar

Learn more about analytical instrumentation such as FTIR and UV-Vis for academic research.

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Agilent MassHunter videos

These helpful videos explain basic concepts and provide detailed instructions for mass spectrometry analysis.

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Agilent University

Agilent University offers a range of software training classes online, in a classroom or at your lab.

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What do people say about Agilent MassHunter software?

Software product managers discuss what scientists tell them about their work with MassHunter.

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Cary WinUV software simplifies your measurements

Get more insights into Cary WinUV software by watching the Cary 60 demonstration.

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Discover the advantages of OpenLab CDS software

Explore OpenLab CDS, a single software platform for gas and liquid chromatography analysis.

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OpenLab CDS platform

"There were a lot of ‘Wow!’ moments when students realized this software that looks so polished actually operates an analytical instrument."

Dr. Panagiotis Manesiotis, Queen`s University Belfast, United Kingdom

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MassHunter platform

"One of the great things about MassHunter is that you can walk up to a triple quad to do acquisition, and it’s the same software that you walk up to for the Q-TOF and even a GC/MS instrument. That really makes training a lot easier because we haven’t got different software for every different instrument."

Dr. Nicolas Taylor, Molecular Acclimation Laboratory, University Western Australia

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Grant writing support

Agilent offers Grant Expeditors and White papers to help with the grant application process.

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Agilent OpenLab CDS Tutorials

Whether you’re already using OpenLAB CDS and want to learn tips, or simply interested in learning more, the tutorials will get you familiar with the new software.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.