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Scientific Asset Performance Management

Helping our clients maximize the utilization and availability of all scientific assets

Optimizing lab performance through an operations partner

Optimizing lab performance requires a dedicated partner whose core competency is centered on operations, allowing laboratories to focus on their core competency—science. In the digital lab era, such partnerships afford a level of unprecedented visibility and asset control, while reducing cost and increasing sustainability.

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The need for lab optimization


Of laboratory leader respondents believe their workflows need optimization.


Would welcome new innovations to increase efficiency.

An opportunity for improvement


Laboratory instruments are running only 35% of the time.


Only 4% of laboratories employ data intelligence to ascertain fleet utilization.

Sustainability through laboratory optimization


Of labs surveyed acknowledge they require further work to improve sustainability.

The importance of lab operations partnerships

Thought leadership reasoning behind why one would consider a lab operations partnership

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Asset performance management as a unified approach to laboratory operations

Our programs are tailored for wherever you may be on your journey to lab excellence. A comprehensive approach to achieving increased availability and utilization of assets.

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Asset control

Foundational to advancing laboratory operations is an accurate lab-wide view of laboratory equipment and supporting service strategy.

Digital services

A digitally-enabled lab using advanced data-intelligence technologies is critical when optimizing lab-wide performance.

Compliance assurance

Staying current with regulatory requirements is essential; expert guidance helps to ensure you comply with all regulatory guidelines.

Expert guidance

Operations experts safely implement change to achieve a higher level of operational agility and strategic growth.


Optimizing lab operations improves laboratory sustainability—a more efficient lab is a more sustainable one.

Case studies


Using a combination of data intelligence and expert guidance, the Agilent team was able to dramatically transform laboratory operations, attaining nearly 100% uptime.

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Implementing lab-wide services resulted in overall time savings of 1405 worker-hours, equivalent to 175 worker-days.

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Relocation services, digital laboratory analytics, and financial flexibility were used in concert to produce a fine-tuned services solution for a complex challenge.

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Our thought leaders

Meet the team that is leading the way in providing guidance on how best to adopt an Asset Performance Management program within the scientific community.

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