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Agilent Petrochemical Case Study: Shell

Lab-Wide Instrument Services Improve Petrochemical Lab Performance


Agilent helps Shell to simplify, optimize, and transform lab operations

The Shell Technology Center in Bangalore, India (STCB) is one of the three Technology Centers within Shell that supports both R&D and laboratories at Shell, including non-operating joint venture assets. Each technology center is comprised of several laboratories employing a multitude of different instruments necessary to provide the requested services for their internal customers in a timely manner.

The analytical laboratory at STCB observed that they were spending a lot of time and energy coordinating services with multiple vendors, each supplying and maintaining highly varied and separate systems. To address this fundamental operations issue, Shell decided to implement Agilent’s Lab-Wide Instrument Services program, bringing confidence and transparency to all instrument service and maintenance, while improving performance and preventing downtime - which is mission critical for completing important projects and maintaining petrochemical production.

Agilent's Lab-Wide Instrument Services program manages the entire process end-to-end, coordinating all vendor activities and ensuring the appropriate work is completed on time. The program consists of three main components: Agilent Direct Services, Multi-vendor Instrument Services, and Managed Services, coordinating a multitude of partners and OEMs. By selecting Agilent as their strategic Lab-Wide Instrument Services provider to manage all aspects of the program, greatly simplifies vendor engagement and laboratory asset maintenance for Shell, allowing the analytical lab team to concentrate on their core competency of supporting Shell laboratories throughout the world.