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Agilent Pharmaceutical Case Study: Pfizer

Reaching Beyond Expectations


Pfizer dramatically increases laboratory efficiency

The Pfizer site in Perth, Australia, is a continuously running production facility that demands high throughput from dozens of analytical instruments at all times. The quality control and oncology labs were experiencing suboptimal operations with instrument downtime as high as 50% due to a lack of strong support from local contractor services.

Using a combination of data intelligence and expert guidance, the Agilent team was able to dramatically transform laboratory operations, attaining nearly 100% uptime.

A comprehensive assessment of key performance metrics provided insight into instrument redundancy, which enabled the lab to remove one-third of its fleet. That, in turn, freed up capital to replace older systems with new ones.

Transforming laboratory operations to the highest possible efficiency is a journey about change, requiring long-term focus and guidance from knowledgeable experts.

Pfizer indicated that Agilent’s unwavering commitment, transparency, and willingness to go the extra mile were the primary reasons that gained their trust in Agilent. Due to quick responsiveness and a customer-centric attitude, the Agilent team was fully integrated into the Pfizer family.