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Asset Performance Management

Achieving lab-wide optimization and efficiency

Asset Performance Management is a Central Operations Strategy

Using advanced asset control with digital analytics and expert guidance, Asset Performance Management allows greater visibility and utilization of all assets. This central operations strategy is comprised of various service programs based on Core Capabilities that enable the right service program or combination of programs to meet business goals. These programs are designed to evolve with you on your journey to laboratory excellence by providing lab operational agility while reducing regulatory risk.

Essential Core Capabilities

Asset control

Foundational to advancing laboratory operations is an accurate lab-wide view of laboratory equipment and supporting service strategy.

Digital services

A digitally-enabled lab using advanced data-intelligence technologies is critical when optimizing lab-wide performance.

Compliance assurance

Staying current with regulatory requirements is essential; expert guidance helps to ensure you comply with all regulatory guidelines.

Expert guidance

Operations experts safely implement change to achieve a higher level of operational agility and strategic growth.


Optimizing lab operations improves laboratory sustainability – a more efficient lab is a more sustainable one.