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Agilent CrossLab Case Study:
UK Environment Agency

The New Data-Driven Laboratory


Agilent helps agencies relocate, right-size, and continually improve operations

What began as a daunting relocation and rightsizing effort for the UK Environment Agency quickly transformed into an opportunity to not only assess its entire instrument base but implement an ongoing, data-driven method to continually improve laboratory operations.

The right-sizing challenge

A challenging government mandate required the agency to reduce its footprint from three facilities to only two.

The agency already had a strong rapport with Agilent, thanks to years of responsive care, so it naturally sought the company’s help to manage this difficult relocation challenge. Taking time to truly understand the situation, trusted advisors from Agilent CrossLab Enterprise Services provided the agency with essential guidance, combining several enterprise capabilities into a single, well-planned services solution that included:

  • Digital laboratory analytics to assess which instruments to relocate, remove, or sell
  • Financial flexibility to sell instruments back to Agilent, using the funds to finance
  • Relocation services to decommission, remove, or recommission instruments

Successfully implemented, this solution improved both the financial position and scientific capabilities in the labs.