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OpenLab CDS - Streamline lab operations

Increase Productivity While Meeting Data Integrity Requirements

Upgrade to Agilent OpenLab CDS

Streamline your lab operations with a single, secure chromatography data system

Choosing the right data system can make all the difference. OpenLab CDS delivers a single practical solution for two of the toughest challenges facing analytical labs today by:

  • Increasing productivity with a single software platform for analyzing GC, LC, and single quadrupole GC/MS, LC/MS results
  • Ensuring data integrity and facilitating rigorous regulatory compliance with your choice of technical controls—such as audit trail review, access control, records protection, and e-signatures

One lab’s story

Hear how APC is using OpenLab CDS to support their expanded analytical capabilities and streamline operations.

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I would definitely recommend OpenLab CDS to my colleagues… it absolutely has met our initial goals and needs and, indeed, surpassed them. — Damian Connolly, Senior Analytical Scientist, APC

Want to learn more about OpenLab CDS?

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Ensure data integrity

Eliminate manual approaches to data integrity with extensive technical controls, such as records protection and access restriction.

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Eliminate reporting errors

Prevent errors caused by data export or manual transcription. OpenLab CDS has built-in reporting and custom calculation capabilities to keep data and calculations within the CDS.

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Save time and improve accuracy

Sample Scheduler for OpenLab automatically converts LIMS worklists into ready-to-run sequences in the CDS for push-button operation.

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Accelerate data review

Automate the tedious task of comparing chromatograms of unknown samples to a known standard with OpenLab CDS MatchCompare.

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Make the transition to OpenLab CDS

We have the services and tools you need for a smooth upgrade

New, automated tools

If your lab uses Agilent ChemStation, OpenLab CDS ChemStation Edition, or OpenLab CDS EZChrom Edition, the automated migration toolset for OpenLab CDS can maximize the preservation and reuse of methods and data electronically by eliminating manual transcription.

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Technology Refresh Services

Agilent offers a complete set of services that make it easy, fast, and cost effective for you to move to the latest software and instruments.

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