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A more efficient way to report your analytical results with OpenLab CDS

Fast, Flexible, Reliable Reporting - Transform reporting into a source of pride and confidence

Reporting is often seen as a necessary but tedious task. With OpenLab CDS Software, you can quickly create customized, accurate, professional-looking reports that inspire confidence in your data and the decisions that are made based on your lab results. Raise the bar on productivity and quality with OpenLab CDS.

Agilent OpenLab
How OpenLab reporting keeps productivity and quality
high with an evolving workforce

Learn how Chemours increased productivity and maintained consistent, reliable results — even as
senior analysts retired and new people came on board.

Cut your reporting time in half

Now you don’t have to waste time printing reports, entering data into Excel, and calculating results.
OpenLab CDS does the work for you.

Typical reporting workflow

OpenLab CDS reporting workflow

If you analyze approximately 500 samples per month at 10 minutes per sample, including data review time, manual data entry takes about 1000 hours per year or about 25, 40-hour weeks—half of an analysts’ time. Using OpenLab CDS, reporting time can be reduced to 5 minutes per sample for time savings of 500 hours or 12.5 weeks per year.

Eliminating the productivity pitfalls of reporting

Every lab has experienced frustration with other reporting tools. There are limited formatting and display options. Outliers and out-of-specification results have to be manually identified. Data must be transcribed or copied to spreadsheets for custom calculations. Third-party graphical programs need to be pulled in to generate professional-quality reports. The list goes on.

OpenLab CDS overcomes these shortcomings with powerful, versatile capabilities that make report generation fast and easy while eliminating errors and reducing both cost and inefficiency.

  • Improve the quality of reporting with less effort
  • Produce professional-looking reports tailored to your needs
  • Perform sophisticated statistical analyses while reducing dependency on third-party spreadsheets with custom calculations
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