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Cloud Storage Solutions for Your Laboratory Data

Adopting the Cloud for Lab Informatics - Take your first step with cloud storage
Cloud storage: the ideal starting point for cloud adoption

The cloud has become a viable option for virtually every computing workload in the laboratory, from sample management to complex analytics to secure data storage. To minimize risk and disruption, treat cloud adoption as a process rather than a project. Cloud storage is the perfect first step, for several reasons:

  • Labs generate a large amount of data, and record
    retention needs will continue to grow.
  • On-demand cloud storage represents a simple, safe,
    affordable way to meet lab storage requirements.
  • Security for cloud-based storage offerings is
    advancing faster than for on-premises infrastructure.

Agilent offers flexible, scalable cloud-based data storage options for labs of all sizes. With our OpenLab Server and ECM XT solutions, you can start small, scale up on demand, pay only for what you need, and avoid disruption and complexity as you safely adopt the cloud model.

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Benefits of cloud storage
  • For lab managers, cloud-based storage provides easier and safer data storage, simplified data migration,
    and more.
  • For IT, the cloud eliminates the need to buy and manage storage infrastructure, saving money and time.
  • From a business perspective, cloud-based storage can accelerate the lab’s digital transformation initiatives.
Benefits of data storage in the cloud

By moving to OpenLab cloud-based storage solutions,
your lab can achieve:

  • Stronger security:By leveraging the stringent security features of Amazon S3, our solutions block unauthorized access to data—and cloud security is evolving faster than on-premises security for servers and other key infrastructure elements.
  • Optimized spending:Save money and floor tiles by avoiding capital expenditures (CapEx) for storage expansion.
  • Flexible and centralized storage:Scale quickly and easily to meet business growth needs and eliminate the need to install, upgrade, and maintain storage across multiple servers.
  • Easy setup and management:OpenLab solutions require minimal storage maintenance, reducing the workload for IT.
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Agilent OpenLab cloud storage solutions are the perfect starting point on your road to cloud adoption. Take the next step by contacting your local sales representative. We’ll answer your questions, explore the possibilities, and help you take your cloud-based storage strategy to a higher level.

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Learn how the stringent security features of OpenLab Data Management help protect and preserve file integrity, track file changes, and ensure data privacy with cloud storage.

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