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Measure What's Important to Your Cell

With over 20,000 genes, 200,000 proteins and thousands of pathways, you can’t measure everything in a cell at once, but you can measure what provides the energy that drives them - metabolism.

Agilent Seahorse XF Analysis uses label-free technology to detect discrete changes in cell bioenergetics in real-time, providing a window into the critical functions driving cell signaling, proliferation, activation, toxicity and biosynthesis.

Move beyond analyzing what your cells are, and reveal a clearer picture of what they do.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Seahorse XF Analyzers

Live-cell Metabolic Assay Platform for Life Science Research

Seahorse XFe Controller Upgrade

A major computer upgrade for enhanced performance & usability

Seahorse XF Imaging and Normalization System

A reliable solution for resolving XF data

Seahorse XFe Consumables

Consumables for the XFe96 and XFe24 Analyzers

FluxPaks & Microplates
Kits, Reagents & Media

Seahorse XFp Consumables

Consumables for the XFp Analyzer

FluxPaks, Miniplates & Carrier Tray
Kits, Reagents & Media

Seahorse XF Consumables

Consumables for the XF96 and XF24 Analyzers

FluxPaks & Microplates
Kits, Reagents & Media