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Measure What's Important to Your Cell

With over 20,000 genes, 200,000 proteins and thousands of pathways, you can't measure everything in a cell at once, but you can measure what provides the energy that drives them - metabolism.

Agilent cell metabolism assays detect discrete changes in cell bioenergetics in real time, providing a window into the critical functions that provide ATP, the energy that cells need for activation, signaling, proliferation, and biosynthesis. Move beyond analyzing what your cells are, and reveal a clearer picture of what they do.

With the acquisition of ACEA Biosciences in late 2018 and BioTek in late 2019, Agilent's offerings in the cell analysis research space has grown.

Learn more about our entire cell analysis portfolio including Acea’s xCELLigence real-time cell analysis technologies and NovoCyte flow cytometers, as well as BioTek’s cell imaging systems, microplate readers, washers, dispensers, and more.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Seahorse XF Analyzers

Live-cell Metabolic Assay Platform for Life Science Research

Seahorse XF Imaging and Normalization System

A reliable solution for resolving XF data

Seahorse XFe Controller Upgrade

A major computer upgrade for enhanced performance & usability

Seahorse XFe Consumables

Consumables for the XFe96 and XFe24 Analyzers

FluxPaks & Microplates
Kits, Reagents & Media

Seahorse XFp Consumables

Consumables for the XFp Analyzer

FluxPaks, Miniplates & Carrier Tray
Kits, Reagents & Media

Seahorse XF Consumables

Consumables for the XF96 and XF24 Analyzers

FluxPaks & Microplates
Kits, Reagents & Media
Data Analysis
Instrument Software

MitoXpress & pH-Xtra Consumables

Kits and reagents for real-time fluorescence plate reader-based live cell metabolism assays

xCELLigence Real-Time Cell Analyzers (RTCA)

The Power of Live-Cell Imaging