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Deploying OpenLab CDS in the cloud - Guidance for IT

Guidance for OpenLab Cloud Deployments - Maximize the benefits of cloud-based workloads while minimizing risk

Cloud hosting core systems in enterprise IT has already become an established practice. Moving forward, the migration of critical and operational systems will be essential steps in the next phase of enterprise cloud adoption.

With the release of OpenLab CDS version 2.6, Agilent now offers a supported deployment solution for customers looking for a cloud-hosted option.

Agilent OpenLab

Example of OpenLab CDS Client/Server deployed in a cloud.

Guidance and recommendations for deploying OpenLab CDS in the cloud
To ensure success, it is highly recommended to follow the following guidelines:
Cloud environments

To minimize overhead costs and risks in deployment, we recommend utilizing multiple sandboxes or VPCs (Virtual Private Clouds) in a pipeline process to deploy OpenLab cloud. Ideal sandboxes include:

  1. Test/Dev — Used for initial testing to define instance sizing and performance tests.
  2. GxP/QA — For GxP needs, a separate VPC for compliance testing is advised.
  3. Production — Environment used for managing operational systems.
Instance selection/sizing

The following instances have been tested and are supported for OpenLab CDS+ECM XT application servers.

OpenLab CDS Cloud FAQs
What cloud services are supported in AWS and Azure?
What kind of performance can we expect?
Is there a preferred type of network connection to the cloud?
Need more technical details?

Read our OpenLab CDS Deployment in the Cloud technical overview to get detailed deployment recommendations.

Read technical overview
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