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Mobile Crime Lab Solutions

Mobile Crime Lab Solutions

Mobile Crime Lab Analysis Solutions

The need for at-site, rapid, reliable analysis of unknown compounds and materials is critical in mobile crime lab forensic, homeland security and military applications. Agilent now provides key technologies that are optimized for at-site analysis and enable sampling of solids, liquids, air, gels, foods, explosives, drugs, and even blood. Lab quality results can be obtained in as little as a few seconds to a few minutes when and where you need them.

With Agilent's mobile 5975T GC/MSD, and 4500a Forensics Analyzer FTIR analytical instruments, lab quality results enable confident analysis in the field providing responders and law enforcement personnel the information they need to make quick and accurate decisions. Whether testing for poisons in a forensics investigation, analyzing explosives and their residues or checking a crime scene for illicit drugs and their precursors, Agilent now offers robust mobile crime analysis solutions.

For Forensic Use

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