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In the forensics and investigative fields, a lot is contingent on the accuracy of your results. Whether testing for poisons in a forensics investigation, screening athletes for performance enhancing drugs, analyzing samples for recreational drugs, or checking a crime scene for explosive residue - lives and professions may be dependent on the accuracy of your equipment. Agilent Technologies leads the industry with robust instruments that provide the ability to confirm and quantify thousands of substances.

Accuracy In Compound Identification

Accuracy In Compound Identification

Designer Drugs
Oral Fluid Analysis

Controlled Substances/Seized Drugs

Confidently Identify Controlled Substances/Seized Drugs Whether in or out of Your Laboratory

Controlled Substance Identification
Novel Psychoactive Substances
Cannabis Potency Testing


Measurement & Analysis Solutions Vital To Successful Criminal Investigations

Drug Screening
Mobile Crime Lab Solutions

DNA Testing

Measure With Confidence Both Size And Concentration Of DNA Fragments

Doping Control

Proven Screening Methods For Identifying Banned Substances In Sport

Forensics Sample Preparation

Accurately Detect, Identify And Quantify Compounds And Reduce Sample Interference