New hires in your lab? Give them an Agilent University Running Start!

Properly trained operators are key to maximizing the return on your Agilent instruments. But getting inexperienced new hires up to speed can be challenging and expensive. Running Start now makes it easy and affordable, with self-paced online courses specifically designed to get new instrument operators trained quickly. Each Running Start course includes five or more hours of carefully packaged, sequential modules.

Running Start courses in
Agilent University

Training to fit
your needs

For the ultimate in classroom training, Agilent operates learning centers around the world, staffed by Agilent experts. Agilent classroom training provides distraction-free learning with hands-on lab experience, using the latest Agilent equipment.

To reduced travel costs and hassles, Agilent University online courses allow students to learn at their own pace with content developed by Agilent experts.

For training entire teams or delivery of customized content, Agilent can bring the training or consulting to your site.

No matter how it’s delivered, Agilent training gives your team members the skills they need to maximize the return on your Agilent instrument investment.

Agilent Training Credits

Investing for your Future

Assign education dollars now for future training. Prepay for credits, then use them for courses over the next 24 months – without having to choose specific dates, locations or topics. The benefits of Agilent training credits include:

  • Simplified budgeting
  • Flexible planning
  • Easy tracking

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Building on Experience

Whether you are a lab technician, chemist, or lab manager, we offer the appropriate level of education regardless of expertise. With our continuum of learning options and courses, you can become a lifetime learner, improving your knowledge and skills throughout your career.


“Operational Readiness”

  • Foundation & Theory
  • Hardware, Software Overview
  • Operation Essentials


“Becoming Productive”

  • Operation Workflow
  • Trouble-shooting
  • Maintenance


“Accelerating Productivity”

  • Technique Optimization
  • Workflow Optimization
  • Application Workflows