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Applications & Industries Overview

Learn about our cutting-edge applications and workflows to help you succeed.

Food & Beverage

Testing solutions to help you achieve food safety, quality, and authenticity.

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Protecting the environment with assured analysis.

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Explore our diverse portfolio of application-specific molecular biology solutions.

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Energy & Chemicals

Solutions to optimize production across the petroleum products value chain.

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Agilent Offers a Comprehensive Portfolio of Innovative Applications
From improving lab productivity for chemical analysis, to vacuum systems, to workflow solutions developed to facilitate unlocking the complexities of living systems. We can help you stay current with emerging applications and approved methods, and our integrated workflow solutions deliver accurate, comprehensive data to help you make informed decisions to accelerate your time to results.
Through our commitment to achievement that spans international borders and scientific disciplines, we strive to help researchers build momentum with their research and gain greater recognition as meaningful contributors in their field.
Monitoring contaminants in environmental matrices such as air, water, and soil, and expanding understanding of how these chemicals can affect human and animal health, is crucial and yet often highly challenging.
Explore our comprehensive analytical workflows for biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical applications, from drug discovery to quality control.
Food & Beverage Testing
Ensuring food safety and quality is increasingly challenging. Whether you're analyzing for pesticide residues, ensuring that label claims are correct and accurate, or profiling for food authenticity, we’ll work with you to deliver what your customers demand.
Cancer Research
Wherever your research is in the pipeline, from the early discovery of cellular pathology to clinical trials to characterizing biologics in production or developing new diagnostic tools, we’re here to help.
Genomics Applications & Solutions
Explore our diverse portfolio of application-specific molecular biology solutions and let us help you confidently implement genetic insights to progress discoveries and decisions in your laboratory.
Cannabis & Hemp Testing
Whether you manufacture or test cannabis, you face the challenge of delivering high-quality products, increasing sample volume, and meeting emerging regulations.
Materials Testing & Research
We provide instrumentation for the structural and functional characterization of materials, as well as for detection, identification, and management of impurities in raw materials, intermediates, metal alloys, non-metals, polymers, and composites.
Cell Analysis
Cell-based applications provide the foundation for a broad range of life science research. Agilent’s diverse portfolio of cell analysis instruments and integrated solutions deliver detailed cellular insights in real time and power innovative therapeutic development.
Agilent continues to create innovative solutions to address the challenges of metabolomics, lipidomics, proteomics, genomics, and transcriptomics research. No matter where you are in your science, we offer analysis solutions to help every step of the way.
Clinical Research
Clinical research plays an essential role in the pathway to deliver safe and effective answers for real-world health questions. Repeatable results, streamlined workflows, and innovative techniques are necessary to empower your efforts.
Our comprehensive and complementary suite of staining and companion diagnostic solutions are designed to meet the individual needs of your lab and help you deliver fast and accurate results to patients, every single time.
Companion Diagnostics
By partnering with Agilent for CDx development, your drug development program will reap the benefits of working with an innovative industry leader with more than 50 years of experience.
Security, Defense & First Response
Chemical warfare agents, highly potent narcotics, and sensitive explosives present challenges and emphasize the importance of safe operation, accuracy in measurement, and efficient procedures.
COVID-19 & Infectious Disease
Addressing the threat of new and potentially life-threatening pathogens requires deep understanding and accurate, reproducible techniques for developing better tests, vaccines, and treatments.
Vacuum Technology
Vacuum is a critical enabling technology for countless industrial processes, analytical instruments, and scientific inquiries. Agilent helps you create, measure, and maintain vacuum to assure the success of your process or advanced research.
Energy & Chemicals
Explore our energy and chemical solutions, from crude oil testing to certifying petroleum fuels, evaluating biofuels, and assessing goods made from feedstocks. Our solutions for standard or customized test methods exceed industry benchmarks.