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We are now Agilent!

The Agilent and BioTek teams are excited that, as of December  1, 2021, BioTek is now operating as Agilent.  All BioTek employees are Agilent employees, all BioTek products have been added to the Agilent product portfolio and all orders and requests for service will go through Agilent.

The BioTek brand will remain as an Agilent family brand and, although ordering processes will change, you will continue to work with the same representatives, who remain committed to providing the best quality products and services.

As we complete the transition, you may continue to see some products or materials with BioTek branding. No matter which label you see, rest assured that Agilent will deliver the same high-quality products and services that you have come to expect.

We are also excited with the addition of BioTek -- combined with the prior acquisitions of Seahorse Bioscience, Luxcel Biosciences and ACEA Biosciences -- Agilent is now able to provide a breadth of differentiated workflows, enabling customers to obtain deeper, more reliable insights across a variety of cell analysis applications.

We understand that you may have questions. We hope that the following FAQs will help answer those questions. If you have further questions after reviewing the FAQs, please feel free to Contact Us anytime.

Learn more  about how Agilent is growing toward a deeper understanding of the cell and the power of these companies coming together.


Below are answers to common questions about BioTek and Agilent.


Q: I have a BioTek issued quote, is it still valid?
Yes, all current quotes will be honored through their expiration date.

Q: How do I place an order for BioTek products?
From December 1, all orders should be placed directly with Agilent. Please update your vendor records with the new Agilent information on the country-specific Fact Sheet.

Take advantage of time-saving features within the Agilent Online Store for your ordering convenience. Here are a few of the features that can help save you time:  
•    Use “Quick Order” for fast order placement.
•    Track the status of your orders via “My Orders”
•    Create subscriptions to automatically receive supplies.  
•    Save items you frequently order into lists for easy re-ordering with “My Favorites”

Q: Will my BioTek distributor be the same?  
In some countries, distributors may have changed.  Please select your country to view updated contact information on “Contact Us”.  

Q: Where do I access the information which was on Customer Resource Center?
All Customer Resource Center capabilities are now available on, under “Account”.  If you were a previous user, we have proactively created an user login on your behalf.  An automated email sharing the details and request to change your password was sent out on 12-November 2021.Check your email inbox. This link expires within 7 days. To trigger an additional activation email, click on “Forgot password” within the login screen.

Q: Will order payments still be made to BioTek?
As of December 1, 2021, all new orders will be fulfilled by Agilent, and invoices will be sent from Agilent with remittance instructions on the invoice. You can also refer to the country-specific Fact Sheet for additional details.

Q: I am a customer who is already set-up with Agilent. Will I have a new account information for my BioTek needs in your system?  
No, if you are already set-up with Agilent as a customer you do not need to do anything. You can also refer to the country-specific Fact Sheet for additional details.

Q: I would like to have a demonstration on BioTek products, who should I call?
We are pleased to connect with you for a product demonstration.  Please select your country on our “Contact Us” page to connect with your local Agilent team or authorized distributor.


Q: Will BioTek email addresses change?  
Yes, BioTek email addresses have changed effective June 9, 2021 to Agilent email addresses.  

For example: is now You may continue to use the BioTek email address, which will forward to the new Agilent email, but we recommend you update your records to reflect the new Agilent email address.

For your convenience, we have provided a list of business email accounts below. Please visit the Contact Us on for up-to-date contact information.

OLD - BioTek Email Address
NEW - Agilent Email Address
**Use Beginning June 9, 2021**

Q: Who do I contact for technical support or a service issue related to BioTek products?
Effective December 1, please visit the “Contact us” page on the Agilent website for the appropriate contact information. The chart below provides a quick reference.

Q: Where can I access test plate recertification documentation that was provided by BioTek, prior to December 1, 2021?
Documentation by BioTek prior to December 1, 2021 can be provided through speaking to your local Agilent service team. Test plate recertification documentation after December 1, 2021 is available by logging into your "Account" on and viewing "Service & Repairs".

Q: Can Agilent customers include BioTek products in their Agilent orders?
Yes.  As of December 1, orders for formerly BioTek products and Agilent products can be transacted on one order.

Q: Will part numbers of BioTek products stay the same?
 As part of the integration of BioTek, some part numbers have been updated. These are still the same great quality BioTek products that you’ve come to expect. If you need assistance identifying the correct part number for your needs, please contact your local sales representative.

Q: Who should I contact regarding Agilent’s various cell analysis offerings?
Please visit the “Contact us” page on the Agilent website for the appropriate contact information.

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