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Microplate Instrumentation Supplies & Accessories

Microplate Instrument Supplies Expand Functionality and Applications Reach

Accessories, peripheral products and supplies to support imaging, detection, washing or dispensing functionality of your Agilent BioTek instrument. From imaging objectives to reagent delivery systems and specialized application software modules, these products are manufactured specifically for Agilent BioTek instruments to help meet many different laboratory instrumentation and workflow requirements.

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Featured Literature

Super Charge Your Cell Research: Agilent Cell Analysis Portfolio

Maximize your workflow efficiency and produce robust data with Agilent solutions in cell analysis.

Micro-Volume PicoGreen DNA Quantification using BioTek's Take3 Multi-Volume Plate

This study highlights the utility of the Take3 plate by demonstrating microvolume fluorescent assays of DNA using the Synergy multimode reader product line.

Micro-Volume Determination of Labeling Efficiency Using Spectral Scanning Analysis in a Standard Microplate Reader

This application note demonstrates the use of microvolume spectral scanning on the Take3 to determine biotin/digoxigenin labeling efficiency of an antibody.

Advanced Wound Healing Assay Workflow using Automated Scratch Wound Creation, High Contrast Brightfield and Fluorescence Kinetic Imaging

This application note describes the use of an automated tool to create consistent scratch wounds in cell monolayers formed on the bottom of a microplate well.

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A Fully Automated Solution for Conducting Cell Migration Assays Using the AutoScratch Wound Making Tool

In this webinar we will demonstrate a fully automated cell migration assay using the AutoScratch Wound Making Tool, which provides a convenient and reproducible method for quantifying 2D cellular migration in either 24- or 96-well formats.

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