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Multiplate Absorbance Reader

Microplate Readers

Microplate Readers Deliver Versatility, Performance, and Economy

Microplate readers deliver flexibility and ease of use over a range of applications. Agilent BioTek multimode microplate readers offer modularity and upgradability to enable laboratories to address multiple workflow and data analysis requirements, now and as the laboratory’s assay needs change in the future. Agilent BioTek single mode microplate readers feature ease of use and excellent specifications for performance and economy. Microplate readers integrated into automated stackers and robotic systems expand throughput and efficiency.

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Super Charge Your Cell Research: Agilent Cell Analysis Portfolio

Maximize your workflow efficiency and produce robust data with Agilent solutions in cell analysis.

A Homogeneous FRET-based HTS Assay for Quantification of pRb in Cancer Cell Lines to Monitor Inhibition of G0/ G1 Cell Phase Transition

This application note presents a novel HTRF cell-based assay that quantifies endogenous phosphorylated retinoblastoma protein.

Rapid Measurement of IgG Using Fluorescence Polarization

This application note describes the use of the Agilent BioTek Synergy Neo2 hybrid multimode reader to rapidly determine IgG concentrations.

Utility of Variable Bandwidth Monochromators for Quantification of Fluorescent Probes in Produced Effluent Water

This study shows the ability to record excitation and emission spectra for fluorescent probes using the monochromator-based detection system of a microplate reader.

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Maximizing Fluorescent Signal Using Variable Bandwidth Monochromators for Plate Reader-Based Assay Optimization

One of the challenges with multiplexing fluorophores in biological assays is being able to reliably distinguish the signal of one fluorophore from another.

Biomolecular and Cellular Quantification Using a Multimode Microplate Reader

Biomolecular and cellular quantification using a BioTek multimode microplate reader

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