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Imager, Reader Control & Analysis Software

Microplate Instrumentation Control & Analysis Software

Microplate Instrument Control and Analysis Software for Efficient Operation

Microplate reader and imager control and analysis software, along with liquid handling control software offer easy program creation and flexible processing for a variety of applications. Intuitive user interfaces ensure efficiency with workflows using Agilent BioTek imaging, detection, and liquid handling instruments. Agilent BioTek Gen5 Microplate Reader and Imager Software provides intuitive control for all imaging and detection systems, with powerful image and data analysis. Automated stacking and incubation operations with imagers and readers are also controlled through Gen5. LHC2 software offers complete control over microplate washing and dispensing operations, including stacking operations when interfaced with BioStack.

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Super Charge Your Cell Research: Agilent Cell Analysis Portfolio

Maximize your workflow efficiency and produce robust data with Agilent solutions in cell analysis.

Automated Imaging and Analysis of 2D Chemotaxis

The Agilent BioTek Gen5 object tracking module combined with Agilent BioTek automated imaging systems delivers an integrated solution for automating cell migration studies, increasing assay robustness and throughput.

Applied Robotics for Enhanced Throughput Options in Microscopy

This study highlights the ability of Cytation 5 and BioStack 4 to automate the workflows for imaging H&E-stained TMAs for high-throughput histology applications.

Automated High-Throughput Imaging and Analysis of Cell Migration

This application note introduces the Agilent BioTek Gen5 object tracking module, which automates analysis of 2D cell migration in high-content formats, including 96-well microplates.

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Expression and Intracellular Translocation of Cancer Biomarkers

Hepatocarcinoma is one of the most common cancer types in the U.S. with limited treatment options and poor survival rate. Recently, cancer bioenergetics emerged as a promising source of targets to develop novel anticancer agents.

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