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NEW 7010D Triple Quadrupole GC/MS

Unparalleled GC/TQ intelligence

NEW 7010D Triple Quadrupole GC/MS

The Agilent 7010D triple quadrupole GC/MS redefines high-end GC/TQ performance. Featuring the HES 2.0 ion source, it achieves ultratrace-level limits of detection, while heated gold quadrupoles and Agilent JetClean ion source deliver performance and uptime that are second-to-none. Designed for applications requiring the utmost sensitivity, such as food safety analysis, environmental contaminants, and pharmaceutical impurities assessment, the 7010D delivers unparalleled results with remarkable uptime.

Setting itself apart, the 7010D boasts intelligent features like SWARM autotune and Agilent MassHunter Optimizer for GC/TQ, streamlining performance and method optimization for consistent and reliable data acquisition. As the market leader, Agilent is committed to more than innovation, fostering partnerships with you to navigate evolving regulatory landscapes together, staying one step ahead of key changes. The 7010D GC/TQ builds on this commitment with features designed to enable your success.

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