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GC/MS Instruments

Extensive Range of GC/MS instruments

The Agilent portfolio of GC/MS instruments provides comprehensive analytical capabilities, allowing users to achieve sensitive, robust, and reliable GC/MS analysis of any sample in a routine setting.

The Agilent 5977B single quadrupole GC/MSD offers users a versatile, cost-effective solution including the Agilent High Efficiency Source (HES) for the most challenging detection limit samples. The Agilent 7000D and 7010B GC/TQ systems give the ultimate in GC/MS/MS robustness, performance, and sensitivity for targeted analysis. The 7250 GC/Q-TOF offers users unprecedented flexibility from untargeted screening through to routine quantitation with low energy EI ionization capabilities coupled with high resolution accurate mass (HRAM) and MS/MS capabilities.

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