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Helium Conservation Cost Savings Calculator

Gas Cylinders

Conserve Helium and Save

Conserve your GC carrier gas to help control costs

This calculator will determine the cost savings that could be realized by implementing Gas Saver with and without nitrogen standby. Simply complete the required fields at the top and the results will display below.

Agilent Gas Saver works with split/splitless and multimode inlets by reducing the GC split flow rate at a specified time after the injection while maintaining constant septum purge and column flow rates throughout the analytical run.

Combining Gas Saver with nitrogen standby can save even more if your system is not in continuous operation. This approach requires the helium conservation module for Agilent 8890, 8860, and 7890 GCs. Using the OpenLab CDS “SLEEP.M” and “WAKE.M” methods, the module automatically switches the carrier gas supply from helium to nitrogen during idle time, further conserving helium.

See how much you can save

Replace the default values in the fields below with information for your specific method and click the calculate button to see the results. All costs are assumed to be in your local currency and the calculator assumes the helium and nitrogen cylinders are the same size.

He carrier gas flow rate (mL/min)
He split flow rate (mL/min)
He septum purge rate (mL/min)
Gas Saver flow rate (mL/min)
Gas Saver start time (min)
Total run time (min)
Gas volume in cylinder (L)
Runs per day
He cylinder cost
N2 cylinder cost
Normal use (constant He flow) Gas Saver Gas Saver with N2 standby
Daily He usage (L) 78 37 11
He cylinder life (days) 103
Daily N2 usage (L) n/a n/a 25
N2 cylinder life (days) n/a n/a
Annual He cost 1068 502 157
Annual N2 cost n/a n/a 34
Annual total gas cost 1068 502
Annual savings vs. normal use* 0 567 877

Actual savings will depend on the accuracy of the information provided, integrity of the carrier gas flow path, and other factors.