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7010B Triple Quadrupole GC/MS

7010B Triple Quadrupole GC/MS

The Agilent 7010B triple quadrupole GC/MS is the most sensitive version of Agilent compact benchtop triple quad (MS/MS) systems, providing attogram-level detection limits in electron ionization (EI) mode. The breakthrough in sensitivity allows you to optimize sample preparation, reduce maintenance cycles by injecting less, or achieve new detection limits.

The Agilent 7010B triple quadrupole GC/MS is equipped with a high-efficiency EI source that produces at least 20 times as many ions as the previous generation, making it the most sensitive Agilent GC/TQ . In addition, the dynamic MRM (dMRM) mode of acquisition provides ease of use and efficiency, and if you already own an Agilent 5975 or 5977 GC/MSD, you can load your GC/MSD SIM and scan methods straight onto the 7010B if desired.

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