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1290 Infinity II Flexible Pump

1290 Infinity II Flexible Pump

Ultimate gradient and solvent flexibility combined with highest performance

The Agilent 1290 Infinity II Flexible Pump is the ultimate pump to boost your efficiency by combining the maximum performance of a high-pressure mixing UHPLC pump with the flexibility of a low-pressure mixing UHPLC pump. The new 1290 Infinity II LC power range guarantees highest instrument efficiency, allowing you to run any HPLC and UHPLC method. ISET enables you to seamlessly transfer existing methods from different instruments - current Agilent systems as well as instruments from other manufacturers. Furthermore, proven technologies, such as the Agilent Inlet Weaver mixer, active damping or the optional Agilent V380 Jet Weaver mixer for additional mixing capacity achieve highest analytical efficiency. The established multipurpose valve enhances laboratory efficiency by adding useful functionalities, for example, mixer in/out switch, filter backflush or automatic purge, and BlendAssist software simplifies your workflow with accurate buffer/additive blending.

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