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Key Benefits of the Dako Omnis Advanced IHC and ISH Staining Solution

Dako Omnis delivers what pathologists, lab managers and technicians are asking for in terms of time, choice and better patient care.

More Time - To perform other tasks

An automated walk-away advanced staining solution, Dako Omnis facilitates an unequaled throughput of slides and turnaround of entire patient cases within the day, enabling a more efficient lab and faster diagnosis for the patient.

Greater Choice - To Manage your Lab’s Workload

Dako Omnis is designed so you can load and unload slides and reagents when convenient for you.

Dako Omnis can be customized to fit any laboratory workflow. By offering both batch and continuous loading Dako Omnis supports the way you prefer to work.

Better Patient Care – Enabled by Same Day Results

Dako Omnis improves quality control of processes and secures consistency in quality.