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More time to perform other tasks

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Agilent Dako
Increasing Productivity and Throughput

Time is crucial in a pathology lab. Dako Omnis gives you more of it by enabling your lab to use staff resources more efficiently to manage increasing slide volumes with limited resources and to increase productivity and throughput.

In addition, Dako Omnis allows your lab to provide both IHC and ISH results in the same day. With a short 2½ hour turnaround for IHC and just 4 hours for ISH, fast and accurate results are delivered at the same time.
Provide fast, complete results and handle your increasing workload with ease
Dako Omnis is designed to process complete patient cases. In addition, the high slide and reagent capacity provides an unequaled throughput, enabling your lab to easily meet your current goals and cope with ever-increasing slide volumes. Dako Omnis enables laboratories to:

  • Run 105 IHC slides or 21 patient cases in a normal workday (165 IHC slides or 33 patient cases with an overnight run).
  • Run 15 FISH slides or three patient cases during normal working hours (30 ISH with overnight run). With the shortest FISH protocol in the market, your lab can provide same day FISH results every day of the week.
A capacity overview with
combinations of different

Dako Omnis scenarios, mimicking real-life situations, to illustrate examples of the number of ISH/IHC cases that can be run within working hours. Dako Omnis provides the flexibility needed to run different test simultaneously, while at the same time minimizing hands-on time.

Minimize your lab’s hands-on time

Labs worldwide are seeing an increase in workload without getting additional resources.

Dako Omnis minimizes hands-on time by providing:

  • LIS connectivity that eliminates the time needed to enter data for your slides, as this is automatically transferred
  • Patient case management significantly reduces hands-on time related to sorting and reassembly of patient cases
  • High reagent capacity that allows you to keep all the visualization necessary reagents onboard and still have space for more than 40 antibodies
  • High bulk capacity to minimize refills during your day
  • High waste capacity that ensures less frequent emptying of waste containers
  • A simple and intuitive user interface makes Dako Omnis incredibly easy to operate
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D-number: D52145