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Greater Choice – To manage your Lab’s Workload on Dako Omnis

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Agilent Dako
Coping with Workload Fluctuations
in a LEAN Manner

Two work days are never the same in a pathology lab. The number of requests, cases and techniques change from day to day. Dako Omnis enables you to cope with these fluctuations in a LEAN manner. Updates on patient cases are very time-sensitive and calls for a patient case-based workload approach, where labs can continuously load and unload slides from any patient case that may arrive in the lab, without waiting for the next batch and delaying the time to diagnosis. FISH, CISH and IHC can be loaded on Dako Omnis as they come in. Whether you prefer to run IHC first or run urgent FISH cases right away so they can be ready during working hours, or a delayed start, or overnight… the choice is yours. Dako Omnis gives unprecedented flexibility for the unpredictable
lab environment.

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LEAN design helps your lab get a LEAN workflow

Dako Omnis is designed to support a LEAN laboratory workflow:

  • Once a case is entered in the LIS, all information is shared and sent to the Dako Omnis automatically, allowing you to just load the slides and go.
  • Slide racks are designed to fit complete patient cases and can be continuously loaded and unloaded, eliminating time spent on batching and resorting. Together with the short protocols and the continuous access to cases and reagents, this enables your labs to deliver a high throughput.
  • You decide how to prioritize cases and when to run them: now, with a delayed start, overnight or over the weekend. The choice is yours.
  • Load and unload your reagents and bulk solutions when you see fit. Reagents can be loaded while the instrument is running
Real-time monitoring allows you to control your staining workflow, from anywhere and anytime. Check the progress of your run at a glance, with clear visual alerts to notify you when user interactions are necessary. In addition, connection to your LIS means you can share, monitor and track slides wherever you are.
D-number: D52145