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Dako Omnis provides better patient care

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Agilent Dako
Results you can trust

Our main goal with Dako Omnis is better patient care, supporting pathology labs in delivering results they can trust, and that can lead to diagnostic certainty for patients. Dynamic Gap Staining technology supports consistent, reproducible immunohistochemical (IHC) staining with no observed common artifacts, a major breakthrough for pathology labs worldwide that is available exclusively
on Dako Omnis.

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		    The glass slide with tissue is positioned at an angle of 25° to facilitate rapid reagent distribution across the slide. During reagent application, the coverlid creates a capillary gap to ensure homogeneous spreading of reagents throughout the entire staining area.

Dynamic Gap
Staining Whitepaper
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The white paper shows the stability of the staining in over 2,000 sections tested. There was virtually no visible difference in staining intensity no matter where on the glass slide the tissue sections were placed

Consistent results you can rely on

Robust processes on Dako Omnis ensure consistent staining results. Reagent temperature is maintained at 18°C with a special, temperature-controlled reagent compartment, protecting reagents on board from any temperature fluctuation caused by protocols. Staining is kept at a constant 32 °C. Finally, automatic mixing of reagents occurs just before they are needed, ensuring stability and consistency of staining results.

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Minimize the risk
of human error
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A host of integrated quality control features prevent, correct or draw attention to errors should they occur. Uniquely designed slide racks, and a special bulk and reagent bottle design make it impossible for an operator to load them incorrectly. Further, double check of reagents and vials ensures that the necessary volumes are both available and dispensed correctly on every single slide.

Full traceability
of patient cases
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Staff members are allocated
user-rights based on their function and level of expertise. All actions and incidents are logged and traceable to an individual operator. LAN seats display information when and where you need it, including information provided by the LIS. Automatic slide tracking supports accreditation.

Supporting diagnostic
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Dako Omnis helps your lab increase diagnostic certainty, minimize human error and improve consistency of staining results, and supports accuracy of patient diagnoses.

D-number: D52145