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TPS-flexy Turbo Pumping System

Turbo Pumping System: TPS-flexy, TwisTorr 305 FS and IDP-7

TPS-flexy Turbo Pumping System

The Agilent TPS-flexy turbo pumping system is a flexible, customizable high-vacuum system. Choose from three dry backing pumps—IDP-7 scroll pump, IDP-3 scroll pump, or MD-1 diaphragm pump—and two turbo pump options, Twis Torr 74 FS or 305 FS. With 40+ options to choose from, you can find the right combination for your application.

The TPS-flexy package allows you to select components and configure the system yourself to meet a wide array of challenging applications. Quickly detach the turbo pump from the platform for direct mounting on your system for maximum pumping speed.

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