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Modular Turbo Pumping Systems

Turbo Pumping Systems (TPS)

Turbo Pumping Stations (TPS) to Optimize Vacuum in Your Laboratory or Plant

Agilent manufactures robust, industry-leading turbomolecular pumping systems/stations (TPS) that deliver complete confidence across a broad range of applications in laboratories and industry.

Our turbo pumping solutions are equipped with TwisTorr FS family turbomolecular pumps ranging from 70 to 700 L/s, IDP and TriScroll dry primary pumps from 3 to 30 m3/h, DS rotary vane pumps from 5 to 30 m3/h and smart pressure reading gauges.

These innovative systems fulfill your every need through modular or integrated platforms including small light turbo pumping stations, benchtop units, and roll-around cart turbo pumping systems.

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